One of the main attractions in the Kingdom is its annual religious festivals, known as TSHECHUS, which is considered auspicious. Celebrated to honour Guru
Padma Sambhava, also known as “Guru Rimpoche”. The Tshechus are celebrated for three to five days and the mask dances are performed by monks and lay-people. Tshechu is a very colorful event where people dressed in their best cloths and jewelers socialize and make merry. More importantly, people go to tshechus, as it being a religious festival, to gain merits. Two of the most popular Tshechus are held in Paro in the spring and Thimphu in the autumn, but there are various others all the year around at Dzongs, temples and monasteries throughout Bhutan. Staged at different places at different times of the year, the festivals provide an opportunity for visitors to experience the extraordinary.